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Augmented Reality for Android Application Development

With lots of technological advancement, we all understand the upcoming future has been coming with various advanced technologies. This type of technology and development, given the amazing outsourced, is built by most of the Augmented Reality App Development companies.


What is Augmented Reality?


Augmented reality is a real-time view that is enhanced by adding computer-generated digital information to that environment. The purpose of Augmented Reality is to interact with and interpret the real world by introducing virtual knowledge and approach as a whole. Augmented reality has become quite a famous term in the past few years. It enables to implement of sensor-based AR applications that help in quickly developing and deploy AR applications. 



  • In terms of growth, mobile applications in Augmented Reality generated a revenue of 884.1 million in 2017. It is expected to reach 6218.23 million by 2020.




All we can say, directly and indirectly, it is beneficial for numerous industry sectors. AR offers a world of open opportunities to the users. It works well for the business sector. Hence, AR brings the real world into the digital platform and enrich the digital platform with proper information media and ideas, which includes 3D models and videos.


Key Features


The immense popularity of the augmented reality development company offered immersive and tangible user experience. Here are the features of Augmented Reality App Development.


Preview the Product:


It allows the user to view, interact, and experience the product virtually on a digital platform. It provides the user with additional information about the product, space, and other essential aspects. It retrieves valuable information about the products and their availability.  


Real-life Experience


It brings real-life experience to the customer. It is beneficial for each sector to be its e-commerce, travel, or media reporting channels. With an amazing experience, it grabs the customer's attention. And with that, there is a high chance of conversion and a higher course of sales. 


Improve Brand Awareness and Image


Technological innovations are always popular within the user and potential customers. Companies that prefer to choose augmented reality applications still have the upper hand to gain visibility.  It helps to attract new customers and retain existing ones. 


Easy Visualization 


The android developers can develop the platform with their creativity, which helps the user to visualize an object with a personalized context. It helped traders and even customers to connect with others instantly. Consumers or users can modify their characteristics. Hence it offers a clear view of the perspective. 


Increase in Business


With Augmented Reality applications, it helps to increase the opportunity, especially for hotels, eCommerce, and travel industries. It offers a live view to the customers with images and videos that would act as a perfect glance. It would help to build a sense of trust among users.




While concluding, it is observed that the Augmented reality app has witnessed growth in almost every aspect of human life. Nowadays, augmented reality app development is seeking a rise in today's market. This is the best time to  hire AR developers that  provide user-friendly services to their users with high-quality features

Will VR Change the World of Gaming?

The gaming industry was the primary one to embrace Virtual Reality technology in evolving products. It provides an enormous, engaging, and majestic experience that upraise gaming experience to a mint level.



Virtual Reality is the technology to produce a simulated environment. VR acquaints the wearer inside the virtual simulated interaction with 3D worlds. VR wearer is absorbed in its own simulating gaming surroundings by being part of it.


Virtual Reality Impact In Gaming


Just like tutors have their own teaching techniques, novices have different learning methods. Virtual reality is also innovating, learning methods by VR interactive games for a more effective and interesting way of studying.


Virtual reality is in infancy, and VR game development companies are gearing up for striking gaming industries. With the evolving market of VR gaming devices like HTC vive, PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, etc, virtual reality game development companies, developers, and other stakeholders are also focusing on offering VR gamers with viable recourses to get a stable positioned for the future scenario.


According To Statistics


IDC predicts that the virtual market will expand dramatically from just over $9 billion last year to $215 billion by 2021.


That incredible 118% compound annual growth rate would make VR one of the fastest-growing industries on the planet. The VR gaming industry earned $286.7 million last year, according to SuperData Research, but could grow $2.3 billion industry by 2020.



Current Scenario in Virtual Reality Game Development


Opaque Space is a simulation and training technology development company, presents the award-winning Earthlight Spacewalk VR game with an idea to offer gamers to experiencing life at the International Space Station. Similarly, Zero Latency is a VR app development company is working on a project of developing around two to four thousand feet big simulate gaming “platforms” for gamers to have unbelievable experience multiplayer gaming.


Some Game developing tycoons are efforting to couple VR games with horror films. Hollywood director and story writer like Guillermo Del Toro is helping the developing improved VR horror games to stun gamers with an adventurous storyline, detailed sound effects, and precise setting of the scene.


Some of the Advantageous Features of Virtual Reality are;


Which is impossible in reality is possible in Virtual Reality;


V.R. Doesn’t just simulate, it creates an imaginative environment and embodies gamers into the scene.


Feel the graphics and emotions;


VR offers gamers to feel the real-time 360-degree simulation of the experience by visual special effects and physically simulated effects like gunshots, burden, gun recoils, etc.


Stimulating social behavior with communal gaming conditions;


In gaming, there is the term  "asynchronous gameplay", which stands for individual gamers have a dissimilar pack of information, and they have to unite them together to resolve an obstacle.


This is an amusing social experience. VR technology combines two or more individual perceptions in real-time simulating the game to escalate suspense and thrill. It is an interesting interplay between inmates or the public.

Despite, virtual reality is on its developmental stage, VR app development firms are catering to a specific and mushrooming community. The fad for video games continues to modify and transform,


but the thing which remains constant in the mindset of gamers are gazing for the finest gaming experience possible.


Virtual reality, making a high thrust into the gaming industry, gamers are seeking to experience this innovative type of gameplay. As big shots like Samsung, HTC, Google, PlayStation, and Facebook steps into the VR market industry,


it can be seen the emerging technological shift which will coup the trends, taste, and necessity.